How to unblock a sink Barnet

A blocked sink is a very annoying problem as it has very bad odours along with the drainage problem. There are many solutions that people adopt for clearing their blocked sink Barnet. Some use natural ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, boiling hot water and many other things to prevent a blockage. Another technique is using chemical solutions. This is rather a harsh solution and is fit for a tough blockage that cannot be handled with simple home remedies. But this is not the best method as it is not environmental friendly as well as it could be harmful for your health. The serious harms that it can cause are skin burns and lung infections from inhaling the solution. Using a plunger is also considered as a good option to open the blocked sink Barnet. But sometimes all these tools and methods fail to solve the problem and people are suggested to check the U- bend located under the sink as it is the point where most of the debris and foodstuff get stuck, causing your kitchen sink to be blocked. It is also observed that clearing the U-bend with a plunger or anything else may not work properly, so you are left with no option except to remove the U-bend and install a new one. To undo the U-bend, you need the following:• Bucket• Waterproof tape• Screwdriver• A plunger (if required)• Cloth / towelThere are 2 sets of threads in a U-bend. With the help of a screw-driver, pull the first set of threads free that is directly underneath the sink. Then undo the other set of threads that are to be found at the end of the bend; by this you will be able to remove the U-bend. Now clear the blockage thoroughly and fix the threads tightly again on the previous location.