How to unblock an outside drain

If you have a blocked outside drain Barnet, do not worry as it is not a hard nut to crack. A little attention and courage can make the matter easy to solve. The equipment you require in this operation are listed below:
? Drain rods that have a rubber plunger attached
? Pair of rubber gloves
? Hose
? Strong garden spade
? Watering can
? Disinfectant
? Mask for covering nose

All the above tools should be with you when you plan to start the task of clearing the outside drain. Lift the cover of the manhole. For this a strong garden spade will help you to lift the cover up so that you can grasp it easily. Now inspect the chamber close to the manhole; in case it is empty, the blockage is in one of the previous chambers. But if it is full, the blockage point is in one of the next chambers.

Clearing the blocked outside drain Barnet is the next and main assignment. For this part, you can use a pair of drain rods that have an attached rubber plunger on one end. Push the plunger over the blockage and rotate it in a clockwise direction. Keep doing the plunging until you feel the blockage is cleared
You can add more rods if required to make the plunger work to the blockage. Never rotate the rods counter-clockwise as the plunger may get unscrewed and can be left in the drain, which is another huge problem itself. If several minutes of hard work bring no results, exchange the plunger for the corkscrew attachment that can break up even a tightly packed obstruction. You can clear the blockage efficiently by directing a strong wet jet down your drain from the hosepipe. Cover the drain properly after you finish the job.