How to unblock a manhole Barnet

In order to keep a manhole functional, it is necessary to follow certain norms of what to do and what not to do. A blocked manhole Barnet is a major consequence of system failure, which you want to avoid. In order to prevent a Blocked manhole Barnet, it is important to follow several tips that will ensure the proper function of a manhole:

1-Determine the location of your manhole and where it drains off to. Record this drawing with the exact position of a manhole and its drain and keep this available for any future maintenance or repair needs.

2- Never deposit cooking oil or grease into the sink or a toilet as these are biologic matters that float on the water. They can block a drain as they will fill up the upper part of a manhole and create a solid crust that is very difficult to break and remove.

3- Never flush down the toilet sanitary products as these are non-degradable products that can easily block the entire plumbing system.

4- Never pour chemicals into the drain: pesticides, herbicides, concentrated caustic soda or substances such as colors or solvents into the system, as these can’t be processed and dissolved in a manhole.

5- Don’t pour excessive water down the drain because this also overloads the system.

6- Don’t put additives or rejuvenators on a manhole even when a manufacturer claims that these can break dirt or unblock the drain, because these can damage the system, causing foaming and excessive activity in a manhole, thus preventing the normal processing of solid waste.

7- Cut roots of trees that are near a manhole as these can damage a manhole and result in system failure.

8- Keep vehicles away from a sewer system. Their weight can cause damage of pipes and a manhole and system many not function normally under compacted ground.
Manhole maintenance will prevent the accumulation of dirt and waste in a manhole and assure proper functioning of the entire system. Manholes are designed in such a way that they can be used without any problem for at least three years in a typical household. So, just apply regular precautionary measures as well as measures of maintenance and there should be no problem.