Power Showers Pros and Cons

Whether you’re remodeling an existing bathroom in your home or installing a brand new one, you may be giving some thought to what type of shower to install. One very common option is the power shower. At Plumbers Barnet, we have the experience and expertise to help you decide whether a power shower is the right option for your home.
What is a Power Shower?

Generally, a power shower works in much the same was as a mixed shower; it combines water from both the hot and cold water supplies. The difference between the two is that a power shower has a built in pump which strengthens the shower’s flow. Power showers are specifically designed to work with low pressure or gravity fed systems.
As with anything, there are advantages and drawbacks to a power shower.

A power shower comes with a built in pump, therefore it’s more convenient that having to go out and buy a separate pump.
The increased flow of the power shower leads to a pleasant and invigorating shower. This can be especially important in homes in which the water pressure tends to be quite low.

Power showers use quite a bit more water than other types of showers, therefore it can be more expensive to operate. If you happen to be on a water meter, this is something you’ll likely want to bear in mind when making your decision.
The initial purchase price of a power shower is often more than that of other types of showers.
If you feel a power shower is the right option for your home, give us a call to book an appointment with one of our qualified professionals today, we’ll be more than happy to help you out.